Starting the school year: Best practices

for reviewing data for change success

Asheesh Misra
Asheesh Misra

At the start of each school year, all of us hope to increase our teachers and students' understanding and mastery of IB curriculum.

What reflective practices do we engage in to achieve this goal?

At IB World Schools, administrators and teachers intuitively know the importance of reflective practice, but face many barriers in in achieving these goals. At, we engage with schools to help teams work together to develop targeted and informed strategies that will unlock what is far too often the mystery of IB DP results and their relationship to instruction.

IB DP language and data can often be confusing. By demystifying IB data you can achieve the goals of increasing access and improving results.

Above is a four-step process that will help all staff understand IB scoring and its relationship to curriculum. If teachers first understand how a score is achieved and how component results fit together they will be able to make focused curriculum decisions. In addition, this process will ensure that classroom practice is more aligned to IB expectations. Staff that engage with this process will be able to provide students with focused and accurate feedback. In the end, teachers and students will feel more confident through increased clarity and performance and participation will improve.

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