Improving Equity and

Exam Scores in the DP

with Asheesh Misra and Tim Kane

Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson

In this episode of IB Matters we talk to Asheesh Misra and Tim Kane about their work helping Diploma Program teachers build their DP courses in such a way as to give all their students the best chance to succeed. In other words, they show teachers and coordinators how to significantly improve Diploma scores.

They are both experienced IB teachers with a long track record of doing just that and Asheesh worked for the IB Organization as the former directer of their Access, Equity and Excellence project. Tim was a consultant on that project.

For both Asheesh and Tim this is an Equity issue. In their research, under represented students often don't choose Diploma courses because they think they aren't prepared, that they won't succeed, or that the courses will leave them with no personal life. Asheesh and Tim have developed a set of strategies that improve success for all students in the DP courses. As a result they began an organization called IB School so they can share their expertise with others.

Listen as they share their process and show IB Diploma teachers how to build streamlined courses that are focused on the aims of each course while leaving out the often uneccesary portions which cause both the students and the teachers to lose their way on the path to better scores and overall success in the Program.

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