Analyzing the 2020

DP Exams: Where

do we go from here?

Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson

Hi - welcome back to season 2 of IB Matters. This episode brings back Tim Kane and Asheesh Misra from IB with their take on the 2020 IB exam issues and how they have helped schools work with the fallout and results from this unique situation.

We did simultaneously video record this episode because Tim shared his screen to illustrate the ways in which the scores werre determined in a year without exams. He also showed some of the tools they use to help schools increase access by better understanding how scores are determined in a more typical year.

So, if you want to switch over and watch this episode rather than just listen, go to the MNIB YouTube Channel. You can see everything Tim and Asheesh were talking about. The data visualizations are clear and very illuminating. Links are below.*

So please listen (or watch) as we break down the 2020 exam season and help you plan for the next round of exams, whether it be November 2020 or May 2021.

IB Matters podcast web page

*We may also be sharing some screen shots so you can find Tim's slides without having to watch the whole video - look for those to be uploaded in the coming days.

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