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IB in the Time of Covid 19

Tim Kane
Tim Kane

This summer we partnered with the Faria Education Group and ManageBac to offer IB educators around the world three free professional development sessions addressing IB in the time of Covid19. Learn more about ManageBac and access all the resources! Prior to the sessions we crafted a guest blog post for their blog titled IB Exam Analytics for Curriculum & Student Engagement.

Part 1: IB in the Time of Covid 19 – What has happened and the Road Forward
Part 1 launched on August 27, 2020. In this session participants gained an understanding of how the IB awarded scores in May of 2020 and how that helps as a guide for supporting the class of 2021. The lessons of May 2020 include a focus on the significance of the internally assessed task in all subjects, the significance of aligning to IB expectations related to predicted grades, and how school course history can affect outcomes. In these difficult and challenging times this session will help participants focus on key factors that will lead to great alignment and more predictable outcomes for teachers and students.

Session Resources: Session Presentation & Session Recording

Part 2: IB in the Time of Covid 19 – The Value of the Internal Assessment
Part 2 launched on September 3, 2020. In the session participants focused on the internally assessed task. In all IB subjects the internally assessed task has taken on new significance in these uncertain times. The results of the May 2020 examination session has created a unique opportunity to gain insight into the application of IB rubrics that can lead to more focused feedback to students and better outcomes. Participants will develop a plan for increased alignment with IB expectations that will lead to a more focused internal assessment process that supports better outcomes.

Session Resources: Session Presentation, Session Recording, & Session Responses and Feedback

Part 3: IB in the Time of Covid 19 – Predicting Grades – Linking IB Expectations to Assessment
Part 3 launched on September 10, 2020. The predicted grade has taken on new significance in these difficult times and teachers have long been perplexed by why and how to award predicted grades. Participants in this session will develop a deep understanding of the role of the predicted grade in the IB assessment model both historically and in the current reality and develop means of more accurately predicting in the future. Armed with this understanding participant will begin the process of aligning assessment tasks to IB expectations. This process will lead to developing an assessment and grading model that is aligned to IB expectations and provides more opportunity for student growth in these difficult times.

Session Resources: Session Presentation & Session Recording

Big THANK YOU to all the attendees and those that made the sessions possible!

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